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Detecting and Resolving Water Leaks: A Guide for Los Angeles Homeowners

Detecting and Resolving Water Leaks: A Guide for Los Angeles Homeowners

Water leaks are one of the biggest enemies for homeowners. Imagine the annoying drip drip of leaking faucets, and you would understand where we are coming from! But all water leaks are not as easy to find as dripping faucets: you sometimes have to go to great lengths to discover your culprit. 

So, if you are in Los Angeles looking for ways to find and resolve water leaks, we have got you covered. Let’s delve into the signs of hidden water leaks, how to detect them, and the best way to treat these intrusions. Although you can do all of this yourself, water leak detection in Los Angeles is as easy as calling on experts in the field and letting them do their job. 

How To Detect Water Leaks: Possible Signs To Look For 

Water leaks are usually subtle and hidden in plain sight, making it very difficult for homeowners to detect them. But even hardened criminals leave behind traces, and the same goes for water leaks. 

Here are a few tell-tale signs that can help you get an idea of whether you have water leaks in your house:

High Utility Bills 

One of the most obvious signs of water leaks is an unprecedented increase in your water bill without a change in your water consumption. Even if the leak is not visible, it is likely to have been causing a lot of water to get wasted. This can increase your water bill and upset your monthly budget. Even though this is an expensive tell-tale sign, it can be indicative of a water leak. 

Bad Odor 

Water leaks typically lead to accumulated water, which can give off an awful odor if left sitting for long. Stagnant water has a peculiar old and musty smell that you must remember from marshes. 

So if you can detect such a smell in your room or house, signs are that you have a leak in your home. It may be camouflaged within your walls or flooring, which is usually the case for musty smells that do not lead to a clear source. 

Mold And Mildew Patches 

One of the most prominent signs of a water leak is patches of mold or mildew appearing in your house out of nowhere. Mold and mildew flourish in moisture, which is why if you see some unexplainable colonies in your home, they are not something to gloss over. 

Warping Ceilings and Damaged Walls 

Water damage is not something you can easily look over. It can warp wood, cause paint to flake, and damage your property beyond recognition. If left to fester, water accumulation can cause serious irreversible damage to your walls, thereby affecting the robustness of your house’s structure. 

If you notice leaks or stains in your property that you cannot explain, it is time to look closely and detect the cause behind their appearance. It is highly likely for such signs of warping to appear because of water intrusion problems, so it is essential to take them as a sign. 

Corrosion and Rust 

It is common for rust and corrosion to plague your metal pipes at some point after their fitting. This is a common symptom of aging when it comes to a house, and there isn’t much that homeowners can do to prevent it. But sometimes, the rust and corrosion can begin affecting your house a lot sooner than its onset, indicating something sinister lurking underneath. 

Corroded pipelines leak, leading to water accumulation under your floor or behind your walls. If left unattended, such walls can collapse or result in significant flooding. 

Water Leak Problems: How To Deal With Them?

As we discussed, water leaks are not something to take casually, and they are not always as evident as a dripping faucet. It may not be possible for you to identify the cause of a leak if you do not have the necessary experience in the field. Even if you identify the leak, water intrusion problems are a complex phenomenon and cannot be dealt with properly if you are unaware of their intricacies. 

In such a case, the most obvious solution to such problems is to call on a professional who can help you by applying their technical expertise in the domain. Such experts also have specialized technology that can practically look into your walls from the outside, including ultrasonic devices that aid in leak detection without having to drill into suspected portions. 

Once they detect the cause of the leak, their specialized devices can help nip the problem in the bud, ensuring that it is dealt with once and for all instead of disrupting your life every other day.

It is best to leave such technical tasks to the professionals if you do not want your problem to only be temporarily dealt with! 

Summing Up 

Water intrusion problems can quite literally break your house down if you let them. These problems are not something to gloss over, so it is best to call on professionals who can help you if you detect any of the tell-tale signs of leakage. Visit here to related post to learn more!

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