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Any company or institution that keeps track of the number of visitors and their entry/exit times can use a time and attendance system. A time and attendance system can be a great way to eliminate typical mistakes in manual systems and simplify the creation of vital reports. This system is affordable and can be integrated with other essential systems such as payroll, finance, or HR policies.


Time and attendance software, as the name implies, is an intelligent solution that tracks employees’ attendance at work. This system can be used in many industries and has many other uses. Many schools, businesses, government offices, and other institutions have attendance management systems that track and record entry and exit times.

Traditional systems are inefficient, more time-consuming and less flexible than modern ones. This system can be used for many purposes, including assessment, payroll, analysis, and more. It is highly recommended that every business implements such a system, both in the digital age and post-COVID-19 era.

What is a Time and Attendance System?

It is software that collects information about employees working in an office, students at college and other individuals, depending on where it’s installed. This system stores and contains details such as entry, exit, and break times. You can configure it with off days or design it to allow access at predetermined times of the day.

This system is ideal for analyzing employees’ work hours and creating performance reports. It simplifies the payroll process. Alternative attendance management systems can also be used to solve everyday problems.

These statistics and facts will help you understand better.

  • The USA has 3% of its workforce on leave at any time.
  • In the USA, 20% of the workforce is late at least once weekly.
  • Creating reports that can analyze employee behaviour without an attendance plan is challenging.
  • Corrections are required for 80% of manual timesheets.
  • 1 in 3 times, and the attendance system has been outdated.
  • Businesses in America suffer from time theft, which results in a loss of USD 11 billion.

Common Issues with Attendance Management Systems

Nearly everyone is familiar with attendance systems. They are everywhere: in schools, colleges and offices. These systems can be used with a pen and paper, scanning code or digital scanner, mobile computer, and many other devices.

Educational institutions have several issues with their outdated systems, including buddy punching, data storage, analysis, and generating reports. These reports can then be used to make critical decisions. This system easily steals time and is more susceptible to human error.

Data from attendance management systems can be used to generate payroll, assess behaviour, optimize the system, and many other purposes. It is easier to manage if you have an old attendance system. However, newer methods with better technology are more efficient in improving compliance, reducing costs, and eliminating errors.

Importance and Use of Time and Attendance Solutions

Many methods are used by businesses to evaluate the performance of their employees. Performance is measured by how punctual, and dedicated employees are to their jobs. Their performance is also a critical factor in many significant business decisions. Data from an attendance system can be used for many purposes, including payroll. Educational institutions also use the attendance records of students for various purposes.

A business can make better decisions by going digital. Creating time and attendance solutions that consider the changing working situations can help reduce the time and effort required to generate the payroll. A sound system can automate the process, which reduces errors and streamlines the process.

These are just a few statistics from American businesses that emphasize the importance of implementing an intelligent attendance system.

  • Time theft in the workplace costs $11 billion annually.
  • Buddy punching costs $373 million annually.
  • 25% of businesses use time-tracking software, 25% use spreadsheets, 14% use touchscreen kiosks and 10% punch cards. 7% of biometrics is used—3% email.
  • Buddy punching is a problem that affects over 75% of businesses.

Tips to Develop Time and Attendance Tracking Software

It is a significant decision to install or upgrade time and attendance tracking software. It would be best to do extensive research on the subject before building one. Software development can take many forms and be implemented in many ways. These are some tips to help you get started.

  • This software can be hosted in the cloud so that it is accessible to all employees, managers, as well as other business executives. It is used to maintain attendance data and can also be managed remotely.
  • This system has one of its key features: the ability to generate reports since all data is stored in a structured database.
  • You can customize the system to meet your business’s needs. The system can provide information that allows the manager to see where employees are working. This is especially useful for companies with multiple offices or those who have a work-from-home policy. It can also be used to obtain data about the employee’s work.
  • Firms can integrate a client billing system and automate the generation of invoices by using this system. You can do this by using data from employee logs that record the time worked on a project.
  • This software integrates with the payroll system to automate employee salary processing.
  • Companies that have remote employees will benefit from a mobile attendance system. This system would use GPS data to track employees’ movements and verify their location.
  • Create an intelligent attendance system that solves common human errors. Employees often need to remember to enter their attendance or record it multiple times, which can lead to duplicate data. Intelligent systems can send reminders to ensure all data is correct and eliminate duplicate data.
  • Time and attendance tracking software have many main features, including flexible scheduling, time tracking, managing absences & payroll, integration into project management, HR policies, and more.

Acquaint Softtech provides complete attendance and time solutions all under one roof. A dedicated team of developers can help you develop a state-of-the-art time and attendance system. We follow a defined development process and deliver high-quality applications free of bugs and errors.

What Are The Most Important Features?

Acquaint Softtech has highly skilled and experienced developers. We can develop a wonderful custom time and attendance solution that will work for you.

  • Multiple locations: The system allows for integrating attendance reports from different offices worldwide or in other parts. The system eliminates the need for manual word merging to facilitate further processing.
  • Holiday configuration: You can program all holidays in advance to allow for generating reports and creating operations.
  • Flexible schedule: This can accommodate flexible work hours and multiple shifts.
  • Security: This system can double as a security measure. It not only records entry times but also gives access to the office. It can dynamically generate temporary IDs and authorize visitors to enter the building.
  • Data storage: To minimize downtime, the massive amount of data generated in a system such as this is kept safe and secure using a cloud storage solution.
  • Multiple users: This system can be integrated into other methods such as payroll, project management, and others. Multiple users can access the data, generate reports, or analyze it according to their needs.
  • Create custom reports: To assess each employee’s performance and make critical decisions about their appraisal, perks and other contributions to the company, create custom reports.
  • Automation: Systems generate a lot more data than can be managed manually. Automating several processes, such as generating reports about employee behaviour, late arrivals or absences, payroll generation, and invoice generation, is possible.
  • Smart budgeting: Integrated with financial tools to enable smart budgeting and automating payroll.
  • Time tracking: This serves the primary purpose of recording everyone entering the building or office.
  • Compliance with policies: This can be modified to meet the requirements of HR policies and applicable Government regulations.

What are the benefits of developing time- and attendance software?

Technology is constantly evolving, and new technologies are being implemented each year. Technology is becoming more critical. It would be an excellent idea for every company to create a custom software solution that manages their time and attendance. Here are some benefits:

  • This eliminates the need for timesheets to be kept track of and allows you to use them to create reports.
  • It is capable of implementing advanced technologies that make it easy to use.
  • It automates payroll and manages employee payments, regardless of company size.
  • It can increase employee satisfaction.
  • It’s the ideal tool for personalizing the process as well as branding.
  • Provides a central system for managing attendance, regardless of location.
  • Real-time attendance reporting is used to provide information about the whereabouts and performance of employees, particularly in pre-scheduled meetings.
  • It is much cheaper to create time and attendance software than manually completing all tasks that depend on it. This includes payroll, invoicing, project invoicing, custom report generation, and invoice generation.


Time and attendance systems are software solutions that include hardware such as a biometric scanner or similar devices. They keep track of attendance and work hours. The data generated by this system can be used for many different purposes.

Brilliant time and attendance systems can be used in all industries. Acquaint Softtech is equipped with the right team of developers to assist in developing such systems. We have the expertise and resources to help you see your project through to completion.


  1. What’s Time and Attendance Software?This software records employees’ attendance to generate custom reports. It can be used in many industries and integrated with another payroll, finance, and project management systems.
  2. What features are included in a time- and attendance solution?Students, employees, and visitors use this software to track their entry and departure times. Some features include integration with other systems such as HR policies, government policy compliance, payroll and invoicing, project management, etc. You can create custom reports according to your needs.
  3. What can you expect from a time-and-attendance system?It can be used to allow visitors and employees to log their attendance. This eliminates human error and duplication of data. It also eliminates the need for multiple systems to be installed in different locations. It should be able to create custom reports quickly and integrate them with other methods such as payroll, HR policies, etc.


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